My name is Benjamin Symonds, I'm currently part of the BA Illustration course at AUCB.

What you see on here is a mix of my work and other peoples that I admire/take inspiration from & not just illustrators... work from all areas of art. I'm also using this blog as a digital sketchbook for course assesment etc.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Music, Visualized.

I'm currently looking into various ways of visualizing music...

A variety of videos for songs by Four Tet.

Each one is totally different from the next but I feel they accompany the music perfectly. The first follows a man (played by Mark Heap) through his daily routeen, the cameras fixed infront of his face and his expression barely changes untill the last five seconds when he submerges his head under water and breaks out a smile. The character seems pretty depressed but the sequence makes you want to smile.

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