My name is Benjamin Symonds, I'm currently part of the BA Illustration course at AUCB.

What you see on here is a mix of my work and other peoples that I admire/take inspiration from & not just illustrators... work from all areas of art. I'm also using this blog as a digital sketchbook for course assesment etc.

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Saturday, 24 April 2010


Some quotes picked out from the article which I feel will help insire illustrations:

"For the last few days the skies have been quiet. What if they'd stayed that way for ever?"

"Imagine a world without planes"

". . . without planes, cities would become foreign again."

"Enjoy it while it lasts,"

"Thank you Iceland!"

"In a sense, of course, all this volcanic ash – if it really exists (doesn't virtually invisible, super-fine dust sound like the airborne version of the emperor's new clothes to you? I'm just saying."

"Mother Earth's revenge: if you mess with the planet, it will return the compliment, big style."

"The first result, clearly, would be that England's cricket team will lose the Ashes in Australia this winter."

"Air travel takes away so many thrills, making everyone it touches seem boringly everyday. It needn't be that way."

"Without air travel, Bob Dylan would have to conclude his policy of touring until he alienates every last one of his fans with his increasingly dreadful voice."

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