My name is Benjamin Symonds, I'm currently part of the BA Illustration course at AUCB.

What you see on here is a mix of my work and other peoples that I admire/take inspiration from & not just illustrators... work from all areas of art. I'm also using this blog as a digital sketchbook for course assesment etc.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A pretty exciting music video by Kate Moross for 'Audacity of Huge' by Simian Mobile Disco.

Currently writing an essay on cross over's between art and music & came across this.  Impresive for her first music video - shes managed to keep a similar style to her illustration/design work (her obsession with isometric shapes is still clear here).

Moross is a "23 year old London based creative. She run's ISO & Isomorph Records which you can read about here. She has a fascination with three sided shapes, illegible typography, and freeform lettering." Check out her website/blog right here. <<<

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