My name is Benjamin Symonds, I'm currently part of the BA Illustration course at AUCB.

What you see on here is a mix of my work and other peoples that I admire/take inspiration from & not just illustrators... work from all areas of art. I'm also using this blog as a digital sketchbook for course assesment etc.

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Monday, 7 December 2009

Drawing Approaches research & inspiration

Artists & Illustrators looked at within research for my current Drawing Approaches unit:

Jimmy Turrell:

John Paul Thurlow:


Responce to Radiohead (Unknown artist):
Produced in responce to listening to their album 'Kid A', beautiful results.

Henrietta Swift:

Simple but effective idea.

Ruth Gwily:

Peter Callesen:

His work shows a real sensitivity to the subject, greatly enhanced by the medium.

Jen Stark:

Maria Forde:

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